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Extreme Air Euro Bungee Jump New!

Guests will love the exhilarating the rush they experience as they soar up to 25 feet in the air!  Each participant is harnessed and attached to two fiberglass poles with special flex technology designed specifically for this jumping system. The attendant operates the central hydraulic system that lifts up each rider individually until they are high enough to jump up and down.  Do you call it Euro Bungee, Monkey Motion, or just plain EXTREME AIR fun???  Extreme Air’s height and acrobatics will attract attention and excitement from all around!

Up to four people can participate at once.  Riders must be between 40 lbs and 250 lbs to participate.  Requires a 60′ x 60 setup area.

  • Four Guests Jump at a Time
  • Requires Three Separate, Dedicated 110 V/ 20 Amp Circuits
  • Includes Attendant

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