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Q: Do you supply attendants and insurance for all of your events?
A: Yes. In order to ensure your guests’ safety, the State Law requires that all companies supply knowledgeable equipment operators and one million dollar liability insurance with each and every order. As always, our employees are friendly, conscientious, and uniformed!

Q: What if my organization requires that they be additionally insured for an event?
A: No problem! Just let us know when booking your order and we’ll include the document with your service agreement. There is a small fee to be named as additionally insured, however, simply providing you with proof of insurance is always complimentary. 

Q: How can you represent yourself as the city’s largest supplier of party rental equipment? 
A: With the acquisition of A1 Entertainment’s assets in 2002, Four Seasons Amusements now owns and warehouses the largest selection of brand new and used party rental equipment in the Midwest! Schedule a visit to our warehouses… over 15,000 square feet of FUN! 

Q: What time do you usually arrive for an event?
A: We will arrive a minimum of one hour in advance so that we can check in, set-up, and prepare the attractions to begin promptly at performance time. 

Q: What does Four Seasons Exclusive mean?
A: Because Four Seasons Amusements has been a pioneer in the industry for over 
40 years, we’ve had the opportunity to acquire many one-of-a-kind items that are far superior to the typical run of the mill party rental lists of many of our competitors.

Q: Why do you mention that you “own all of your own equipment”? Doesn’t everybody?
A: Unfortunately, what you see is not what you get with many companies in the industry. Just because companies list attractions, doesn’t necessarily mean that they physically have the equipment to rent. Often times, they’ll call a company like us to get the equipment to rent to you. Four Seasons Amusements owns and warehouses every item on the Complete Price List. We are a direct supplier to the end consumer. Dealing directly with us will eliminate the use of second and third parties that eventually increase the cost to the customer. 

Q: How do you keep your equipment in new or like new condition?
A: Very simple. All of our equipment is stored indoors in a temperature controlled environment. We employ full time technicians to constantly maintain our equipment and keep track of items that may need to be replaced.