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Inflatable Beverage Bar - "The Palm Beach Cantina"

Belly up to the bar ‘cause you’ll never see another one like it, fully inflatable, and comes complete with a speed rail for your bottles! All you add is the liquid libations!!! Bartender not included.

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit

Four Seasons Exclusive

Sugar Shack Treat Stand View Photos

Sugar Shack Treat Stand New!

The perfect place to showcase any of our concession items from flavored popcorn to cotton candy! The Sugar Shack will delight your guests with visual appeal!

Equipped with sealable serving windows, a beautiful color scheme, and bright digital graphics, this is one piece of eye candy you won’t want to pass up.

Cotton Candy Wagon

Kids and adults alike love this sweet fluffy fantasy on a stick! A favorite treat at any age! Made hot and fresh for each guest. Self Service and Full Service options available!

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit
  • Attendant Available

Delicious Treats Cart

Antique red and gold generic cart that can be used to display and pass out delicious treats at your next event!

Four Seasons Exclusive

Funnel Cakes View Photos

Funnel Cakes

A State Fair sweets lover’s dream served up with powdered sugar. Our funnel cakes are baked on-site so your guests can enjoy this hot, sweet delight right out of the oven.

Hot Dog Wagons

It’s America’s sandwich…the Hot Dog! Serve it with pride at your next party. Our hot dog wagons include a warming area for hot dogs and a steamer section for buns.

Ice Cream Wagons

I Scream, You Scream, Everybody Loves Ice Cream!!! Why not add an Ice Cream Cart to your order today? Great for serving individually-wrapped ice cream novelties or popsicles!

Kettle Corn

Not as sweet as caramel corn, not as buttery as popcorn… it’s KETTLE CORN!!! A salty-sweet delightful treat that’s served from an antique wagon.

Nacho Displays

Crunchy and cheesy, this South of the Border staple is a big hit with everybody!

Classic & Flavored Popcorn Wagons

Whether at a trade show, grand opening, or along with a beverage at a high profile event, a hot & delicious bag of popcorn is always popular with guests!……………..Be sure and ask about our NEW & EXOTIC GOURMET FLAVORS! We now offer 19 popcorn flavors including CHEDDAR CHEESE, GARLIC PARMESAN, & BUFFALO BREATH! ………………ASK FOR YOUR FAVORITE! Self Service and Full Service options available!

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit
  • Attendant Available

Pretzel Wagons

Our pretzels are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Baked fresh while your guests wait and served hot! Guests can choose from salted or unsalted. Just like at the ball park!

Pucker Powder Candy Art

Your guests, young & old will delight in making and eating their own delicious sweet or sour flavored candy creations. Remember Pixie Sticks? Pucker Powder is updated, better tasting and come in re-sealable plastic straws!

Sno Cones Wagon

There’s nothing more refreshing than a giant Sno Cone on a hot Summer day! Guests choose from Cherry, Blue Raspberry, or Grape flavors.

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110 V/ 20 Amp Circuit
  • Attendant Available

Vendor Trays

A great prop to pass out candy, popcorn, peanuts or ???? to your guests!

Vendor Boxes

For Hot Foods… Just like at the Ballpark!

Tiki Hut Kiosk

Whether you’re transforming a ballroom into an exotic island setting or your workplace just needs a little luau excitement, this tiki hut is the perfect addition to your party!!! Use it as a prop or incorporate it into your event’s activities!

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