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Carnival Midway Extravaganza New!

Four over-sized inflatable games test a variety of skills!

  • High Throughput per Hour!
  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit

Cow Milking Contest

Challengers step up to the “double sided” Old Bessie & try to out-milk each other! Both country folk and city slickers alike will have gallons of fun with the cow-milking contest. One player can race against time or two contestants can compete in “hand to hand” combat!

  • No Electricity Required
  • Attendant Available

Football Toss Inflate New!

Calling all Quarterbacks! Perfect for contests, accuracy, or just for fun!

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit

Game Canopies

These 10’ X 10’ tents are perfect to cover food carts, to be used as game booths, or for any of your other event needs!

Deluxe Game Canopies

8′ x 8′- Available with front & side panels!

Four Seasons Exclusive

Game Prizes View Photos

Game Prizes

We provide an assortment of small, medium, and large favorites that your small guests will love! Sold by the Gross (144 pieces).

Custom Branded Baggo Game Sets

Plain Baggo Game Sets ready for custom branding!

Boom Blasters! New!

2 players pump to inflate their balloon until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs! First to BOOM! is the winner. Fun for all ages, indoors & out!

Bowler Roller

Try rolling the ball with just enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the valley on the other side….Players can’t resist the temptation of ” just one more roll”.

Four Seasons Exclusive

Flip a Chick View Photos

Flip a Chick

Flip rubber chickens into the the giant rotating pots! A favorite straight off the carnival Midway!

Watch Video

Floating Shoot the Moon

Knock the 5 floating targets off with bean bags…just like at the carnival!

Froggy Fly Fling

Use the catapult to flip giant bugs into Froggy’s mouth!

Four Seasons Exclusive

Kiddieland Kats View Photos

Kiddieland Kats

A giant KAT RACK direct from Chicagoland’s favorite amusement park … KIDDIE LAND! 60 large “Kats” await your toss to be knocked down! A true Midway favorite!

Four Seasons Exclusive

Lobster Launch! View Photos

Lobster Launch! New!

Launch plastic lobsters into the giant rotating stock pots!

Watch Video


Swing the ring and try to catch the ring on the hook to become the RINGMASTER!

Giant Plinko New!

A fantastic NEW addition to our GIANT Games lineup! This favorite stands 6′ Tall and over 3′ Wide!

Big Inflatable Plinko New!

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110V/ 20 Amp Circuit

Watch Video

Four Seasons Exclusive

Wacky Wire Challenge View Photos

Wacky Wire Challenge

How steady is your hand?!?!??

Mini All Star Basketball Hoop Shot

The Mini All Stars Basketball Hoop Shot is great for all ages. Shoot for head to head competition or just for FUN!

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110 V/ 20 Amp Circuit
  • Attendant Available

Baseball Toss Inflate

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110 V/ 20 Amp Circuit
  • Attendant Available

QB Attack Football Toss Inflate

  • Requires (1) Dedicated 110 V/ 20 Amp Circuit
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